Data Security

Nutech is an ISO27001 accredited organization. All sensitive data is received via our sFTP or through the customerĀfs preferred mode of data transmission. Nutech is unable to receive data via physical media such as CDs and thumb drives due to group policy restrictions on the use of optical removable drives. All data is classified and stored on NAS servers that comply with role-based access management restrictions. All NAS devices are configured to RAID 1 or RAID 10 drive arrays to ensure minimum downtime in the event of a RAID failure. Audit logs of all user activities are preserved for a period of five years. Data is internally transferred between sites using sFTP.

To prevent the misuse of data, access authorization is restricted to personnel with a need to access said client data. All systems are part of the local Nutech domain that enforces our security policy on a group level. These include account lockouts after three unsuccessful login attempts, auto user sign out after five mins of inactivity, as well as all USB ports being disabled for use with removable storage. Browser activity is restricted and monitored. All emails are SSL/ TLS encrypted, and emails and their attachments are preserved indefinitely.

Any specific information that may be required is available upon request.